It’s not often that I endorse a coaching event, but the World Business & Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) is unique!  You get to learn from over 50 of the most brilliant minds and successful coaches in one place.  For those of us in ministry and see coaching as a tool to develop leaders, it is like going to the Global Leadership Summit (WIllow Creek Association) to hear from experts in related fields – but on the topic of coaching.

Each year they bring together world-class experts and sought-after coaches who you’d usually have to pay thousands of dollars for to hear them speak at conferences and events.

At WBECS during the Pre-Summit, you get to learn from them (live!) at absolutely no cost.

Whether you coach church planters, pastors, network leaders or missionaries – you will benefit from the content you glean from the experts in diverse fields.  I am committed to develop my knowledge base on coaching, as well as developing you and your knowledge base.  It is really fun to draw upon new insights from let’s say, the neuro-science of coaching; then apply it to coaching church multiplication leaders.

You can register for as many online classes as you like and they even upgraded the event this year with focused Round Tables, Implementation Mastery Sessions and more exciting opportunities to learn and engage.

Click here to learn more and secure your spot before the most popular sessions are full!


Gary Reinecke



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