How can people engage relationally?

If you view the disciple making process like a map – chances are the map you used in the 20th century is different than the map you use in the 21st century.  The modern map began with Believing’, followed by ‘Behaving’ and culminated with Belonging’.  In the post-Modern era the map looks more like this: “Belonging”, “Following” and “Serving”

How can people engage in their disciple making journey?

How can people help others?

Special thanks to Sequoia Church, Nic Pope - Lead Pastor  Used with permission

Jesus mastered the art of listening and asking questions to help people discover truth for themselves!  Today, self-discovery is foundational to the disciple making process.  This is why disciples have shifted from telling people (Modern) what they should believe to self-discovery (Post-Modern) using a coach-approach.

We are getting closer and closer to launching the Disciple Coach Quiz.  As we beta-test the quiz we are receiving amazing feedback.  “Our goal?  To provide a tool that will help you and those you disciple progress through the three stages mentioned in a previous blog: beginning with being a disciple – shifting to a disciple maker – finally, adopting a coach-approach as you make disciples.”    Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come!

Research suggests that about 2% of the churches in America are multiplying so I think it is fair to speculate that about 2% of Christians are making disciples, that are making disciples. 

(Becoming A Level Five Multiplying Church Field Guide)

So, we created the Disciple Coach Quiz to inspire the 98%.  These are Christians who are looking for a way to use their gifts where God has placed them in life to help other people discover and follow Jesus so that they can make disciples.  Our aim is not to have another thing for people to do or a program to follow, but to make several natural shifts that will enable each of you to make disciples who in turn make disciples.


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