There is a movement going on in our world today.  It is called immigration.  My simple explanation of immigration is: “a movement of a group(s) of people, from one country to another”.

As a husband married to an Australian I understand the problem, to a degree; but my wife left her homeland on her own terms.  The millions of displaced refugees in Europe for instance, are not leaving by choice, but for survival.  That presents an opportunity for humanity and specifically, Christians to step-up.

One of my friends is doing something about the problem through the organization he serves from his adopted country – Spain.  Here is a quote from a recent article that he was interviewed for in CT entitled: “Strangers in the Land of Startups” (May 23, 2019).

Rather than a job training for jobs that don’t exist, we believe in helping immigrants and refugees start their own microenterprises, or local, regional, and global companies. Brent McHugh

It takes a unique leader who has the combination of leveraging Business Acumen + Missional Integrity = Disciplemaking Movement.  To the degree that he, his team and organization are able, they are influencing the trajectory of immigrants that are relocating to Europe, and beyond.  If you would like to read the CT article in entirely – CLICK HERE!


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