This blog is a slight departure from my normal topic of conversation, namely taking a coach approach to reproducing disciples, leaders & churches.  It is indirectly related to those things because it addresses your capacity to stay in a good place right now so that you can continue to do those activities to expand the Kingdom of God.  I want to discuss your health as the season of social distance continues, protests and violence are taking place across our country.

The main thing I want to communicate is that you as the leader must remain mindful of your health.  You can break down health into three broad categories: physical, mental, spiritual.  In the following I hope to address each to a degree.

Let me pull back the curtain back a bit and share what I do as part of my physical health, which has implications for the mental and spiritual areas as well.  Below is what I have continued throughout this season of social distancing and a few things that I’ve incorporated as part of my routine.  The main thing I have adjusted like you is, who I do these activities with prior to lock-down.

Stay Active - Example

Mountain Bike: 3 mornings/week (Mon/Wed/Sat)

Stretch & Breathing Exercises: 2 mornings/week (Tues/Wed) – contact me direct if you want more information @

Walk: 1 morning/week (Fri)

Pull-ups + push-ups: 6 evenings/week

The point is, stay active!

You probably have figured this out for yourself, no doubt.  If you need to rethink what you are doing, this is as good as time as any.  If you are just starting out, I would suggest going slow at the beginning, like walking up and down stairs, taking a stroll around the block or low level calisthenics.

Here is a resource to reflect on ways to stay in a good place as you lead from home by Greg Groeschel Leading from Home (practical insights how to lead well during the season of social distancing): CLICK HERE.

For those of you who are reeling over the violence, protest and injustices going on in our society and globally, I would like to give you a simple challenge that will impact your spiritual and mental health.  One very practical thing you can do is to “reach across the aisle”.  The aisle I am referring to is the aisle that separates one people group from another people group.  Let me pull back the curtain back a bit and share our family experience.

Reach Across the Aisle - Example

For the last several years our family has been blessed through the relationship of our friends – who just so happen to have a very different background than us.  They are committed to their faith – we share similar values.  However, their daily experience is very different than our daily experience – simply because of the tone of their skin.

Typically we do something fun together every couple of months.  Most recently, we have practiced socially distanced conversations in our backyards over the last 6 weeks.  Covid-19 was an obvious focus but then the death of George Floyd, protests, violence, politics and solutions were discussed.  Our coversations have been rich and real!

We have learned about the unique opportunities we have that our neighbors do not share.  We have learned that our friends live with an underlying fear that we can’t fully appreciate.  We have learned how much we genuinely love and appreciate each other.

My challenge to you today – reach across the aisle!

The point is, do something!

Here is a resource to reflect on how to love better and reach across the aisle, an interview by Carl Lentz & Bishop T.D. Jakes – Hillsong East Coast: CLICK HERE.

I would love to hear how are you managing your health?  Please share your thoughts below:


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