As you know I am always looking for ways to enhance my coaching effectiveness to create life-changing results for pastors, church planters and missionaries quickly and consistently.  When I come across quality opportunities I share them with my tribe of coaches.  Specifically I want to encourage you to catch the FREE Keys To Breakthrough Coaching Masterclass featuring former ICF President Marcia Reynolds.

One lesson I learned early on in my development is to get comfortable having uncomfortable conversations and asking difficult questions!red your spot?

Can you relate?

Secure your seat for the FREE masterclass here

This is your chance to learn live from 1 of the coaching industry’s greatest thought leaders. Marcia is passionate about helping new and experienced coaches alike create more powerful breakthroughs in thinking that lead to lasting change.

In this complimentary masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

  • Elevate the impact of your coaching to get the transformational results clients expect – every single time
  • Eliminate fear and worry around not being able to get results
  • Never get stuck in your head backtracking conversations, or asking generic questions that have little impact
  • Feel confident knowing exactly what to say and do
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, going deep, and asking tough questions
  • Predictably facilitate deep, tangible, long-lasting transformation
  • Avoid the pitfalls and “limiting coaching beliefs” the average coach remains stuck in
  • Create more fulfilling and satisfying sessions that ensure progress

If you’re ready to create radical change in the leaders you coach, join me at this session.

Register for the Keys To Breakthrough Coaching FREE Masterclass here

Excited to see you there!

Gary Reinecke
Executive Director




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