As in the past, I want to pass-on opportunities for you to learn how to empower leaders through coaching from global thought leaders in the coach community.  If you are a pastor, church planter or missionary – see if this applies to you…

Yes, I do believe we as Christians have the advantage when we coach and equip leaders how to coach other leaders because we have the capacity to rely on the Holy Spirit that others outside the Christian faith do not possess.  And No, I don’t believe we know all there is to know about coaching just because we are followers of Christ.  You and I have much to learn from secular leaders on the topic.

The 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Coaching Impact Masterclass featuring former Director of Executive Coaching at Google, David Peterson and Coaching Industry Pioneer, David Goldsmith is starting soon!

Have you secured your spot?

In this complimentary masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

• Engage Faster – Give your clients real value in the first 20 minutes
• Make Leaders You Coach Want More – End your first meeting strong
• Coach Effectively – Ask key questions to progress quickly with your client
• Connect Quicker – Uncover client insights swifter than you thought possible
• Produce greater value per minute – Learn when to work fast for greater impact

If you’re ready to accelerate your coach development, join me at this session.

As a thank you for registering, you’ll receive an additional bonus – the ACE Coach Note-Taking Tool. This tool enables you to stay fully present while taking notes during coaching conversations. It includes tips on how to take notes effectively while ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of building rapport.

Register for the complimentary 5 Ways to Accelerate 
Your Coaching Impact LIVE masterclass today 

I hope you can join this FREE webinar!

Gary Reinecke
Executive Director





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