As we approach the launch of of the Disciple Coach Quiz in a few weeks, we thought it might be helpful to explain the best ways to use the quiz to support your work as a Disciple Coach.

In his work as a regional leader supporting pastors and church planters to increase the health of their disciple making ministries, Glenn has invited leaders to take the quiz for their own awareness to accelerate their work as disciple makers.  That is a good first step. Here are the three applications to gain the most from the Disciple Coach Quiz

What are the best ways to use the Disciple Coach Quiz?

  • Good – take the quiz yourself!
    • Like we mentioned above; this is an excellent first step.  It will help you focus on the habit you need to develop to continue your journey.  Awareness is a powerful exercise.
  • Better – ask 1-3 of your most committed disciple makers to take the quiz!
    • This builds on the previous application but now you are expanding your circle of influence so that you can more strategically support the disciple coaches you are coaching.  You might want to function like a peer-to-peer learning community to share insights you are discovering along the way.  You might want to consider meeting periodically to reinforce the learnings along the way and facilitate those conversations using a coach approach.
  • Best – from the group above, ask the most engaged disciple makers to share the quiz with people in their network!
    • Invite them to do the same thing that you did with them.  For the Disciple Coach it is natural to coach (listen and ask questions) of people they are supporting on their discipleship journey.  The best kinds of people for this level of involvement are small group leaders, outward focused ministry teams and entrepreneurial types who are relationally connected to people far from God.

We are in the final stretch of beta-testing the Disciple Coach Quiz.  It will be ready any day now.  Would you consider taking it and giving us feedback on whether this is a helpful resource for you and those you are coaching on their discipleship journey?


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