3 pandemic-related challenges christians face making disciples when using a coach approach


1 in 3 Christians stopped attending church 

George Barna July 2020


We've essentially been training for a phobia

David Spiegel Stanford Center - Stress & Health.


Righteous person lives for the next generation

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Our post-modern culture has disrupted the modern map for DISCIPLE MAKING

If you view the disciple making process like a map – chances are the map you used in the 20th century is different than the map you use in the 21st century.

The modern map began with ‘Believing’, followed by ‘Behaving’ and culminated with ‘Belonging’.

In the post-Modern era the map looks more like this: ‘Blessing’, ‘Belonging’, ‘Believing’, ‘Becoming’ 

“The Next Wave: Empowering the Generation that will Change the World” by David Wraight 



What’s Different?

“The starting point has changed!”

Instead of beginning with ‘Believing’ as the starting point – the initial point of contact is ‘Blessing’

When a person comes in contact with a Christian who heightens their curiosity for spiritual matters, that person might be interested in exploring a next step on their discipleship journey. 

That initial point of contact, which heightens curiosity and could lead to a potential next step, most naturally occurs in the Harvest!


How can you bless people far from God?


How can you help people experience  community?


How can you help people learn to trust Him?


How can you help people follow Jesus?

How does a disciple use a coach approach?


Jesus mastered the art of listening and asking questions to help people discover truth for themselves! 

Today, self-discovery is foundational to the disciple making process.

 This is why disciples have shifted from telling people (Modern) what they should believe to self-discovery (Post-Modern) using a coach-approach.



As a disciple I am learning from Jesus to live my life as he would live life if he were I.  I am not necessarily learning to do everything he did, but I am learning how to do everything I do in the manner in which he did all that he did. 

Dallas Willard


Someone who is living out of a Basic Core that exhibits a love for God in Christ and a love for others that leads to making disciples. 

Colin Noyes


A disciple coach helps their newest disciples by listening and asking questions to help them discern the voice of the Holy Spirit so that they can take the next step in their discipling making journey.  

Gary Reinecke

Research suggests that about 2% of the churches in America are multiplying so I think it is fair to speculate that about 2% of Christians are making disciples, that are making disciples.

So, we created the Disciple Coach Quiz to inspire the 98%.  These are the Christians who are looking for a way to use their gifts where God has placed them in life to help other people discover and follow Jesus so that they can make disciples.  Our aim is not to have another thing for you to do or a program to follow, but to make several natural shifts that will enable each of you to make disciples who in turn make disciples.



Find out what is keeping you from flourishing as a disciple maker using a coach approach and what is missing in the kind of support those you are coaching need on their discipleship journey.



knowing and understanding your personal values and living them out through consistent behavior


utilizing prayer as a critically key element in the disciple making journey


building strong and authentic relationships with both Christians and non-Christians in your community


creating intentional and enduring disciples who, in turn, create intentional and enduring disciples


forging strategic partnerships to keep you on mission in your disciple making journey

What people are saying about the Disciple Coach Quiz...

“As someone who desires to grow in their understanding of how to be a disciple who makes disciples and lead others through this process, the Disciple Coach quiz was extremely helpful. It highlighted key areas of growth as well as provided practical next steps that were specific to my disciple making journey. For those of you who are unsure of where to begin as disciple maker or feel stuck in the process, the Disciple Coach quiz is an excellent resource that will empower you to take significant steps forward in the vital mission of making and multiplying disciples”
Sam Brown – Salem Alliance Pastor of House Churches

Becoming a disciple coach is a journey that begins by knowing your starting point. The assessment gives you a clear picture of where you are and priority area(s) for growth. When a coach comes alongside in your journey, you can discern and take the next faithful steps toward reproducing disciple-makers. I strongly recommend that you engage in the journey!

Dr. Bob Logan – Author The Discipleship Difference and The Church Planting Journey

Gary Reinecke and the team from InFocus have created a crucial resource for leaders and churches who are serious about being with Jesus on His Mission. I highly recommend the Disciple Coach Quiz as a tool for shaping the future of your disciple making efforts. The five qualities it measures and the behavior it supports provide a solid foundation for helping people authentically follow Jesus.

Steve Pike – President, Urban Islands Project

Gary Reinecke and his team have developed a really useful questionnaire which gives you an overall Disciple Coach Score as well as some improvement keys to help you grow in your commitment to His Mission.

Colin Noyes – Author As You Go, Makes DisciplesMaking Disciples in a Postmodern Era & Making Disciples Coaching Guide with Storyboard

The Disciple Coach Quiz is a powerful tool that helps leaders understand and assess where they are as disciple makers. This is a key to effectively coach others to make disciples and empower generations for disciples.

Micah Dodson – Director, Thrive Church Planting

The InFocus team have put together a very helpful tool in the Disciple Coach Quiz.  It only took a few minutes to complete and gave comprehensive feedback that was immediately helpful.  The quiz helped me identify where I was weakest and the quiz report offered up quality questions to help me start down the road of growth in this area.

Daniel Bethel – Church Planting Director, Christar International (Malaga, Spain)

I took the quiz at a pivotal time in my ministry. Very recently retired from over 40 years in pastoral work, I’ve been praying about how God might use me in this new season of life. The results of the quiz helped me identify several areas I want to strengthen as I begin to volunteer in a new church where I’m not the pastor, but am one of the elder disciples and could readily become a disciple coach. As I pray about how to make the most of the time I have now been given, this helps me identify places (and people with whom) I want to be strategic.

Rev. Gayle Parker