Life-long learners constantly cycle through a developmental process to sharpen their leadership skills. It may be intuitive or it may be intentional. But the 6 steps are real: LEARN-EMPOWER-ASSESS-DECIDE-EVALUATE-REVIEW.  The fifth step in the leadership developmental process is EVALUATE: know how and when to evaluate team member’s performance to ensure the vision, the goals and the team member’s contributions are on track.

Here are 6 things you can do to keep your team on track:

  1. Point out the difference between the present situation and agreed upon expectations
  2. Describe specifically the negative impact of the individual’s performance
  3. Ask the person for their view of the situation
  4. Ask the individual for ideas on how the situation could be corrected, and then add your own if necessary
  5. Agree on action plan for improvement and a date for follow-up
  6. Express confidence that the individual can correct the situation

Evaluating is an important step in the Leadership Development Process. But Evaluating in itself is not enough. In fact, going to a workshop, listening to a podcast or even receiving a degree in leadership does not guarantee a person can lead. I’ve found that many people have knowledge but lack the experience of actually leading a team. Applying the knowledge and learning from success, as well as failure is critical in the developmental process.

InFocus is responding to this need through Live Courses called Collectives.  These “just in time” courses are designed for leaders who are in the trenches of developing the leaders around them.  Each course will engage participants in the 6 Step Leadership Development process above through a combination of group interaction and 1-1 coaching.  Learn more about the 2019 Collectives. 

The next step in the journey to develop as a leader is – Review.  Review occurs on the team as well as the individual performances of it’s members.  This is where we will pick-up next week.

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