1. Are you stuck in a ministry rut?
  2. Are you struggling to forge new relationships to make disciples?
  3. Are you tired of getting the same results, unsure what adjustments you need to make?

Before we begin the Leadership Community for Missional Discipleship we are hosting an online cohort to help you clarify your values.  We’ll do that by facilitating a group through the Symbol Timeline Exercise together.

  • Read more about the Symbol Timeline Exercise, please – CLICK HERE.

This will be the first time me and Micah Dodson have offered this FREE cohort to help you synthesize your values.  The process officially begins October 1 and runs for 4 weeks.  We will be limiting the group to 15 participants; sign-ups are on a first come, first serve basis.

  • If you would like to participate in the FREE online cohort, please – CLICK HERE.

By joining the FREE online cohort you are NOT obligated to participate in the year-long Leadership Collective for Missional Discipleship process, please – CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO HERE.  However, this serves as a clarifying, stand-alone exercise and can be an extremely helpful pre-cursor to the Leadership Collective for Missional Discipleship.

You are invited to participate in the FREE online cohort please – CLICK HERE.

Any questions?  Please e-mail me – CLICK HERE.

Gary Reinecke
Executive Director


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