These are challenging times for all in ministry.  We are uncertain about the path forward as the recommendations for keeping people safe change daily.  However, the opportunities for the local church to step-up, have never been greater!  Last week I received an e-mail from a friend highlighting an opportunity to help young people.  As the struggles young people encounter become more and more pronounced during the pandemic, one ministry is offering you and your congregation an opportunity to serve.  Learn how you and your people can serve as mentors to support youth during their time of need. could be an amazing opportunity to allow churches to equip their congregation to do ministry online as they seek to match christian mentors who have made it through various struggles with hurting young people in the middle of that struggle.
Here is a 2 minute long video explaining what they do 


One of my big lessons over the last 30+ years has been learning how to adjust to different personality types.  Helping young people process their struggles requires a high level of EQ (Emotional Intelligence).  I learned that introverts process information differently than extroverts (using the Myers/Briggs).  Understanding how you function is a good first step to self-awareness, understanding how to adjust to the people you coach is a good next step.
Resources to help you understand how to coach extroverts!
Resources to help you understand yourself!
Learn about the various combinations of extroverted personality traits using the Myers/Briggs.



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