Four findings recently surfaced from a national study of Disciple Making in USA churches:

  1. Fewer than 5% of churches in the US have a reproducing disciple making culture
  2. An absence of churches reflecting viral-like disciple making movements
  3. Lack of commonly understood definitions
  4. Overestimating Impact

*National Study on Disciple Making in USA Churches: High Aspirations Amidst Disappointing Results

The report cited above elaborates on each of the key points.  If you lead one of the churches within that 5%, then your ministry is exceptional – well done!  You can read the report in it’s entirety – CLICK HERE.

7 Questions to Sharpen your Disciple Making Process

Reflection Questions:

  • What was your discipleship journey like?
  • What “steps” of your journey have been repeated by others, through your ministry?
  • When you consider the essential steps a disciple takes, what steps are missing from the list you created above?
  • What steps does your church do well?

Planning Questions:

  • Which steps could your church improve on?
  • Select one step you need to focus on now?
  • Identify one action you can take to enhance that step.

Of course, these questions are just a first step.  But when taken seriously, consistently monitoring progress, you can create a “reproducing disciple making culture”.  It is within reach.  You can move the needle in the right direction.  Review the Making Disciples Storyboard and assess where your ministry is strong and where there are gaps.  Then take action.

It is mind-boggling to think that the primary mission of the church is to make disciples; yet, less than 5% of our churches “have a reproducing disciple making culture”.  Through the hard work of capable disciplemakers under the guidance of the Holy Spirit – we can do better than that!  Wouldn’t you agree?



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