Feeling stuck in auto-pilot ministry? You’re not alone. We’ve been diving deep into 5 key disciple-making habits, but what’s the real point? Here’s why it’s crucial to assess how you’re creating a ripple effect of disciples who make disciples.

STOP, REFLECT, and REIGNITE your disciple-making strategy:

1. Reignite Your Why:

Have you ever been on autopilot? Ministry can become routine. Summer’s a perfect time to rediscover your passion!

Reflection Question: What gets you FIRED UP about your ministry?

2. Evaluate Your Impact:

Is your ministry bearing fruit? Take a courageous look at the results. Are you excited, frustrated, or somewhere in between?

Reflection Questions:

  • What’s THRIVING?
  • What NEEDS WORK?
  • What NEEDS to CHANGE?

3. Make the Main Thing THE Main Thing:

Busyness can steal your focus on what truly matters: disciple-making disciples!

Reflection Question: What activities are DISTRACTING you from your core purpose?

4. Simplify Your Disciple-Making Cycle:

Busy schedules cloud the essentials. Refocus on the actions that truly transform lives.

Reflection Exercise: What are the FEW, CRUCIAL STEPS to cultivate apprentices of Jesus ?

5. Refine Your Invitation:

A clear, compelling invitation is key! Think about your own journey to faith. What drew you in?

Reflection Question: What are you inviting people to become, as followers of Jesus?

Ready to Refine Your Strategy? The Napkin Challenge Awaits!

In our Discipleship Collective, we challenge participants to describe their entire disciple-making cycle in a 3-minute video using just a napkin! 

Here’s how:

  1. Grab a napkin (or paper).
  2. In 3 minutes, sketch out your disciple-making cycle.

The previous five blogs have been dedicated to unpacking 5 discipleship habits.  In case you missed them, here they are:

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