Followers of Jesus are called to be reconcilers.  The beginning point is to create conversations with the goal of listening, reflecting and acting!  Too often, conversation does not create understanding.

At this time in our history, listening to one another – really listening, is not just important; it is essential.

How can you facilitate conversation around the gospel to bring light to the darkness?

A current member of our Leadership Collective – Brian Wilson, Lead Pastor of Access Church in Menifee, CA recently interviewed a panel of guests to allow his congregation to listen, truly listen to the issues that divide people based upon the color of their skin.  I want to thank Brian for his excellent modeling as he facilitates the panel discussion.  My prayer is that these exchanges help educate people on both sides of the racial divide.

Watch Honest Conversations at Access Church (Part 2) – CLICK HERE.

Questions for your reflection as you lead your congregation into and through, racial reconciliation:

  1. What can we as followers of Christ, agree to regarding a biblical understanding of racial reconciliation?
  2. What do we as followers of Christ, do well in the way we live out our faith to reconcile races in our community?
  3. What are our blind-spots as followers of Christ, as we strive to reconcile races in our community?
  4. What actions can we take as followers of Christ, to reconcile races in our community?
  5. What can we as followers of Christ, do to sustain racial reconciliation on an ongoing basis in our community?

These questions are for your reflection, for you to process with your leaders and your congregation.


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