It’s hard to believe, but it’s true…we’re three weeks (21 days!) away from our Sept 3rd application deadline for our fall Collectives

Learn how Collectives bring out the best in leaders, from Gary Reinecke – watch video.

Learn three benefits to the Church Planting Coach Collective, from Daniel B – watch video.

As I’m writing this email, we are praying for the right people that will benefit most from the Collective experience. Have you been waiting to apply for the Developing Coaching Excellence Collective & Church Planting Coach Collective?

Now is the time!

If you’ve missed my last emails on our Collectives, here’s a quick recap:

  • They are comprised of small groups limited to 15 for an optimal learning experience
  • You’ll receive 4 group sessions (60-minutes each) of group coaching plus 6 hours of customized, individual coach mentoring to help you fine-tune your coaching skills.
  • You’ll gain a community of close friends and mentors in ministry that will be there to support you as you grow your coaching effectiveness.

Now for the best part….I have a discount for you:

  • Apply by August 20th with promo code COLL18 and get $50 off

Ready to apply?

Click here to apply for the Developing Coaching Excellence Collective.

Click here to apply for the Church Planting Coaching Collective.

Have questions? Simply click here or give me a call at (951) 473-4481.

Feel free to forward this email along to any church planters, leaders who coach disciplemakers and church planting/multiplication leaders and entrepreneurs who use a coach approach that should know about this so that they can get the discount code.

Hope to see you this September!


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