Developing Coaching Excellence Collective


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Over the last twenty years, I have been equipping leaders in their coaching skills in three areas: disciple-making, church health/planting/multiplication, and leadership development. During this time I have followed a simple process of Activating – Assessing – Applying.

  • Activate through personal coach mentoring.
  • Assess coaching skills.
  • Apply new learnings.

One of the more fruitful experiences of my coach development has been hiring a coach mentor. In fact, I hired two different coach mentors simultaneously, one male the other female. “How was this helpful?” Simply put:

  1. Fresh Insights 
  2. New Perspectives that caused me to rethink my process.

Plain and simple…

I’m excited to give you an opportunity to sharpen your coaching effectiveness. September 2018, InFocus is launching the first Coach Mentoring Collective. This is uniquely designed to assist leaders who coach leaders. In addition, since certification is a priority for some, these 10 hours are applicable to the International Coach Federation credentials:

  • Associate Certified Coach – ACC
  • Professional Certified Coach – PCC
  • Master Certified Coach – MCC.