Have you been listening to the topic of conversations among leaders in the local church lately?  Some have to do with what is going on in society (pandemic, moving online, racial justice).  Other conversations get granular as tensions rise within our government.  Many leaders in pastoral and church planting ministries that I speak to express the stress, challenges and difficult times we are all facing.  These are very real – see Six Reasons Your Pastor Is About to Quit by Tom Rainer.

Most encouraging though are the interactions I have with leaders about the unprecedented opportunity they see, as difficult as it is at this pivotal moment in time, to move the mission of Jesus forward.  I would venture to say that if we could capture this moment and raise the bar on discipleship, apprentices of Jesus will have the capacity to overcome many of the social injustices we face in our society.  How can we take advantage of this unique situation and re-introduce the commission Jesus entrusted us with His disciples: to make disciples, who make disciples and who in turn, make disciples.

The conversation today, revolves around discipleship – how can we make more and better disciples in our current cultural moment, given the opportunities certain restrictions have imposed on our ministries?

I was speaking to a regional leader just this week and he mentioned that the 30-40 churches he overseas are asking this very question.  Because of the restrictions placed on large and mid-size group gatherings, congregations that do not have small group ministries have been forced to create smaller, more manageable, disciplemaking groups.  Those that are unable to pivot quickly and do so will cease to exist.  This is the harsh reality of the season we find ourselves.  However, those that are able to see the wisdom and leverage this opportunity are innovating new ways to make disciples.

Here are two practical insights that he shared:

  1. The strongest churches are focused on small home groups.
  2. The younger families are participating at a higher level via Zoom groups.

For you, disciplemaking may have been the primary driver for your ministry.  For other leaders, this pivotal moment in time has afforded you the opportunity to reflect.  You are are discovering for the first time or rediscovering the essence of ministry and the absolute necessity of disciplemaking.  This gives me hope, motivation and energy for the future!

Last week I did a quick fly-by on the Leadership Collective for Missional Discipleship that is designed to help you:

  • Discover ways to incorporate disciple coach values in your life and ministry.
  • Connect with like-minded leaders on this same journey.in meaningful ways.
  • Create a comprehensive discipleship pathway that suits your context.
  • Equip other disciples coaches on your team to Connect, Grow, Serve and Reproduce.

One of the reasons Micah Dodson and I are compelled to offer this now is because of the conversations we are having with leaders about this very issue.  Below is more information with a call to action at the very bottom of the page.

We have established a by-invitation-only, private network for you to LEARN about the Missional Discipleship CollectiveCONNECT with like-minded leaders on a similar journey and INTERACT on relevant issues.  We pray that you will consider this important issue.  Will you take the next step and join the network?



Kick-off Event: Nov 15-17, 2020



LARGE GROUP – limited to 15 participants

2-day Retreat – La Jolla, CA: November 15-17, 2020

  • Bring your spouse to the 2-day, kick-off event in La Jolla, CA – at no additional cost, except for travel.

Three ZOOM sessions as a full group for 2-hours each.

  • Session #1: February 8, 2021
  • Session #2: May 3, 2021
  • Session #3: July 26, 2021

All times are: Mondays @ 9am PST (10am MST/11am CST/noon EST)


Seven, 60-minute Triad Sessions




Covid-19 UPDATE

InFocus will do everything within our ability to meet and exceed regulations so people are safe, remain healthy and have a peace of mind.  If we are unable to secure the meeting facilities needed by no later than February 1 we will move the live, face-to-face event in La Jolla to a virtual Zoom event.  We will communicate the adjusted cost and the modified agenda with all interested participants.


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