Gary Reinecke

Gary Reinecke


Dr. Gary Reinecke’s passion is to empower missional leaders to multiply healthy ministries that fuel gospel movements. He co-authored the Coaching 101 Handbook, Developing Coaching Excellence and an 360 Degree Online Coach Assessment. Gary teaches church health, church multiplication and leadership development courses at the graduate level as an adjunct faculty 

By the numbers:

  • 500+ coaching relationships since 1988 across North America
  • 300+ coach mentor relationships logged to equip leaders for effective coaching
  • 10,000+ documented coaching hours logged with leaders at all levels in the social and private sector

Behind the Scenes

Gary resides in California with Gina and their two children. Joel is an Economics student, with a minor in Math; his vision is to help allevite the inequity between people of wealth and people in poverty.  Zoe is an International Development Studies student, with a minor in Accounting; with a vision to address the social and economic injustices of people in poverty and the marginalized.  Gary gives all credit to the Lord and his wife Gina for what is good in his life.  Gina loves mountain biking, hiking and is a health coach with a vision to support underserved and unreached people. Gary enjoys mountain-biking, swimming and hiking with family and friends.

Reineck Family