Personal Calling


Are you frustrated when people become apathetic about their faith?

Do you have a genuine desire to improve your ability to help people understand how God has designed them?

Do you have a passion to see leaders excel in clarifying what they are called to do and surpass their potential? 

One of the most fruitful experiences of my coach development has been working with a coach mentor. In fact, I hired two different coach mentors simultaneously, one male the other female. “How was this helpful?”

Simply put:

  1. Fresh Insights 
  2. New Perspectives that caused me to rethink my process.

Plain and simple…

If this sounds like something you long for please join us for a unique experience to Activate, Assess and Apply the best practices of world-class coaches. The three environments of coaching, group interaction and personal application round-out the Personal Calling Collective. Please contact InFocus direct for more information.

Here are the key areas we will cover:

    • Showing up
    • Trying things out
    • Connecting with your passion
    • Evaluating your service
    • Examining your life journey
    • Discerning your calling
    • Sharpening your skills
    • Involving others
    • Training others
    • Broadening perspectives
Tim Vink

Mukesh Azad

  • Mukesh Azad is the Managing Director & CEO of Dreamfire Incubator.
  • He coaches diplomats, bureaucrats, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, social activists, clergy, politicians, slum & orphan teenagers.
  • Mukesh is an expert in millennial engagement.
  • He studied Advanced Coaching and Leadership Development at Harvard University, USA.
  • Mukesh has a Bachelors of Technology in Engineering and MBA (International Business), India.

DR. Gary Reinecke

  • Dr. Gary B. Reinecke is the Executive Director of InFocus and trains leaders world-wide in the coaching process and skills.
  • He has been coaching leaders for disciple-making, leadership development and church multiplication since 1988.
  • Gary co-authored Coaching 101 Handbook and Developing Coaching Excellence.
  • He received the designation of Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation in 2018.
  • Gary and his wife Gina live in Southern CA – they have two young adult children, Joel and Zoe.


…is designed for leaders and teams, including:

  • Pastors, Missionaries & Church Planters
  • Denominational Executive overseeing Church Planting/Multiplication, Church Health or Leadership Development
  • Entrepreneurs (Professional coaches who are using their coach practice to conduct Business As Mission).


4 x Group Sessions

Meet four times as a Collective for 60-minutes each for a total of four (4) contact hours.  

Winter 2019 Collective:

Session #1: January 28, 2019
Session #2: February 25, 2019
Session #3: March 25, 2019
Session #4: April 22, 2019

Spring 2019 Collective:

Session #1: April 1, 2019
Session #2: April 29, 2019
Session #3: May 27, 2019
Session #4: June 24, 2019

Fall 2019 Collective:

Session #1: September 9, 2019
Session #2: October 7, 2019
Session #3: November 4, 2019
Session #4: December 2, 2019

All times are: Mondays @ 8:30am PST (9:30am MST/10:30am CST/11:30am EST)

6 x Individual Sessions

Meet six times with your Coach Mentor for 60-minutes each for a total of six (6) contact hours.  Your FIRST Individual Coaching appointment will occur before the initial GROUP session. 

You are given two options to focus your coaching relationship:

Option #1 – Missional Coach Development 

Customized coach mentoring can be specifically geared to your particular focus:

  • Church Planting/Multiplication
  • Leadership Development
  • Church Health.

Option #2 – ICF Coach Competencies, Mentor Requirement

Customized coach mentoring can be utilized for your International Coach Federation, Coach Mentor Requirement for your:

  • Associate Certified Coach – ACC
  • Professional Certified Coach – PCC
  • Master Certified Coach – MCC.


Cost – $997 per participant includes:

Four, 60-minute Group sessions
Six, 1-hour Personal coaching appointments
Focused Ministry Coaching Guide + Storyboard
Coaching Tool Annual subscription

***MUST complete signin form & make payments

1-1 COACH MENTORING available upon request

This can be accelerated over a minimum of three months. 

Cost for 10 hours of coach mentoring is $2,875. 

If you would like more information, please click here