WBECS starts next week – Are you coming?

WBECS starts next week – Are you coming?

As I’ve shared with you in the past, I’ve had an amazing experience attending WBECS – the World Business and Executive Coach Summit. I highly recommend that you take a look at this year’s inspiring line-up and register for their free Pre-Summit classes.  Again, I want to provide are my recommendations for you as a leader who develops others using a coach approach for:

  • disciplemaking & church planting
  • leading & developing teams
  • coaching church planters & networks leaders

Registration is now open! Go here to see the full WBECS speaker line-up and secure your spot at no cost!

Each week leading up to the FREE Pre-Summit I highlight a session that might be of particular interest for you.  Remember the Pre-Summit consists of 48 sessions and lasts four weeks.  Week #1 is May 27th – May 31st (see previous week’s blog for my recommendations).  

You can choose for yourself which ones you want to attend.

Following is the session I recommend for Week #2 June 3rd-7th; especially if you are working with teams in a cross-cultural context.

The summit starts on May 28th and you can still register for over 40 live online classes. They are all completely pitch-free and 100% value!

Go here to register for the complimentary Pre-Summit sessions before they fill up!

This year, WBECS will surprise you with a lot of new features. You can join panel discussions, interact with the speakers during live Q&A sessions and much more.

I truly believe that you are going to be impressed by what they have to offer. Which is why I recommend that you experience WBECS for yourself.

Gary Reinecke
Leadership Effectiveness Profile

This has been instrumental for my coaching success

This has been instrumental for my coaching success

I love to share insights, resources and training opportunities with leaders who have a vision to increase their effectiveness.

As a leader, the quality of your leadership is your most valuable asset. That’s why I believe that constantly educating yourself is crucial for long-term fruitfulness.  Since coaching is a tool that can help you empower your team, in disciplemaking, in developing church planters, in supporting pastors, etc. – I want you to be aware of a helpful online, FREE resource that is available to you.

You might know that I have attended WBECS – the World Business and Executive Coaching Summit – over the last couple of years… And their online classes have impacted the way I coach. I enjoyed learning the latest methodologies and connecting with a community of leaders taking a coach approach.  Even though you may not be pursuing coaching as a vocation, this training can be helpful to develop your coaching expertise.  I understand that you need to be selective with how you steward your time.  That is why I have taken the time to vett the various offerings to recommend a few that might be relevant for you.

The Pre-Summit consists of 48 sessions and lasts four weeks.  Week #1 is May 27th – May 31st.  You can choose for yourself which ones you want to attend but I would suggest the two live coaching demos to see how world-class leaders take a coach-approach.

Here are the names of those sessions, linked to the bio of the respective leader modeling their competence:

Are you curious? Then reserve your spot for the complimentary WBECS Pre-Summit now:

Go here to register for WBECS 2019.

I promise you will gain incredible value from it!

Gary Reinecke
Leadership Effectiveness Profile
Phone: 951.473.4481

PS: You will also get to join a global community of thriving coaches and benefit from many interactive features like panel discussions and Q&As. I highly recommend that you join the free Pre-Summit now before the most popular sessions are full. Here is the registration link for you again.

Discover the strengths and development opportunities in your leadership

Discover the strengths and development opportunities in your leadership

Have A Clear Knowledge of Where You Are As A Leader, And How To Get Better!

I’ve found one way to engage leaders in a developmental conversation is to ask them to assess themselves.

There are a number of excellent tools out there that do a great job, providing a reliable and valid baseline that leaders trust.  One tool I’ve used with dozens of leaders is called the Leadership Effectiveness Profile.  It helps a leader reflect on eight key areas that every leader utilizes as she/he leads a team.

When leader’s see their profile it causes them to pause!

To enhance this exercise, InFocus in partnership with Scrappy Leader has incorporated video to highlight each of the eight competencies in the Leadership Effectiveness Profile online course.  The combination of the assessment with the videos is a solid resource to help a leader take the next step in their development.  Ideally, the resource works best in the context of a coaching relationship.

Please CLICK HERE for more information or contact InFocus to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT or call/text me at 951.473.4481.


What motivates you to do what you do?

What motivates you to do what you do?

This image has particular interest this week as part of the cathedral was burned and altered the Parisian skyline.  Notre Dame de Paris or “Our Lady of Paris” was started in 1163 and was largely complete by 1345.  For almost two centuries this amazing piece of architecture was under construction.

I wonder what motivated the visionaries that envisioned this house of worship.

What motivates you to do what you do?  I enjoy asking this question because you can tell a lot about a person by their answer.  In the case of Notre Dame was it to reach the heavens so that people could get closer to God; to honor and give glory to God; to make the cathedral the heart of Paris?  Whatever the reasons, people dedicated their lives to fulfill the vision.

When asking people who are discerning how to align their lives with God’s purposes – it takes on an entirely different meaning.  I remember when I was a college student studying environmental design I was asking myself this very question.  It led me to explore other avenues than I had previously considered, including ministry.  My dad was a businessman who was trained as an electrical engineer so ministry was unfamiliar territory. One morning as we were walking and talking, he made an observation pertaining to the internship I was doing at the church where I was raised in the Faith.  He made a comment that range true for me and solidified the change I was contemplating.  He admitted that he did not understand what a vocation of ministry involved; but he did notice that I was invigorated more and more by what I was doing.  That helped me sort through the fog that cluttered my mind and see for the first time what I had sensed in my heart.  Words matter – especially when it comes from someone you respect, love and desire to be like.

That eventually led me down the path of seminary and into coaching, to help: emerging leaders and leaders discern what God was calling them to, navigate critical issues to catalyze movements of disciples that start healthy churches that start churches and faithfully serve God in the next chapter of their life.

One of the reasons we created the Personal Calling Collective is to help you and those you coach do just that.  Younger leaders have a great need for this type of support AND established leaders need it just as much.  CLICK HERE for more information.  Here are a couple of resources that might help you, and others, discern what God is calling you to next:

Personal Calling Coaching Guide with Storyboard


Personal Calling Storyboard

Gary empowers leaders to discover and realize their God-given potential, not by imitating others, but by striving to become the best possible version of themselves.

Rev. Russ Siders – Lead Pastor,, Sunrise Community Church

Register for the Leadership Development Collective, LIVE online course today!

Register for the Leadership Development Collective, LIVE online course today!

Leaders have limited time and resources to develop – we provide coaching and training to help leaders develop their effectiveness!

For three years, InFocus worked with the North Point Partners from 2008-2011 to coach the 22 lead pastors in  their leadership effectiveness.  One of the insights we learned was that leaders need a plan to develop their leadership.  As a result, we created the Leadership Development Collective, a LIVE online course.

In three weeks I will co-facilitate the first of four group sessions with Troy Fountain who is a North Point Partner, the founding pastor of Wiregrass Church – which has grown and planted two campuses.  He started and led the 1st Strategic Partnership of North Point Community Church.  Troy brings years of experience to the Collective.


Sign-up today – click here & use the code: infocus300 to receive the Early Bird Discount!

#5 Develop Your Leadership Effectiveness – EVALUATE

#5 Develop Your Leadership Effectiveness – EVALUATE


Life-long learners constantly cycle through a developmental process to sharpen their leadership skills. It may be intuitive or it may be intentional. But the 6 steps are real: LEARN-EMPOWER-ASSESS-DECIDE-EVALUATE-REVIEW.  The fifth step in the leadership developmental process is EVALUATE: know how and when to evaluate team member’s performance to ensure the vision, the goals and the team member’s contributions are on track.

Here are 6 things you can do to keep your team on track:

  1. Point out the difference between the present situation and agreed upon expectations
  2. Describe specifically the negative impact of the individual’s performance
  3. Ask the person for their view of the situation
  4. Ask the individual for ideas on how the situation could be corrected, and then add your own if necessary
  5. Agree on action plan for improvement and a date for follow-up
  6. Express confidence that the individual can correct the situation

Evaluating is an important step in the Leadership Development Process. But Evaluating in itself is not enough. In fact, going to a workshop, listening to a podcast or even receiving a degree in leadership does not guarantee a person can lead. I’ve found that many people have knowledge but lack the experience of actually leading a team. Applying the knowledge and learning from success, as well as failure is critical in the developmental process.

InFocus is responding to this need through Live Courses called Collectives.  These “just in time” courses are designed for leaders who are in the trenches of developing the leaders around them.  Each course will engage participants in the 6 Step Leadership Development process above through a combination of group interaction and 1-1 coaching.  Learn more about the 2019 Collectives. 

The next step in the journey to develop as a leader is – Review.  Review occurs on the team as well as the individual performances of it’s members.  This is where we will pick-up next week.

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