From our research on the topic of leadership development, one insight stands out – churches don’t have enough leaders!

Pastors and church planters told us they lack the mentorship and learning communities to develop leaders

LEARNING COMMUNITIES WITH COACHING: 43% of churches report that they lack the mentorship efforts and learning communities necessary to develop great leaders.

That is why we created the Leadership Collective – Cultivating Multiplication in your Leadership PipelineCLICK HERE for more information.

Leadership Multiplication in Your Church INFOGRAPHIC

Leadership Multiplication in Your Church INFOGRAPHIC

Thank you for your participation in the leadership survey we conducted in November, 2019.

The results are in and fascinating to study. We asked a Stanford trained Economist to look at the data for his insights.  Please CLICK HERE to download the file.

If you have not seen the Taking Your Leadership Pulse webinar from last week, that I co-led with Micah Dodson, and would like to learn about the three leadership principles we presented – CLICK HERE to watch the video.

We also made the outline available; if you are interested in receiving that simply send an e-mail to office@infocusnet,org and indicate LEADERSHIP PULSE in the subject line.

At the end of that webinar we shared an invitation to a Leadership Collective 2020.  Our research revealed a common vision shared with lead pastors and church planters – cultivating multiplication in their leadership pipeline.  If you would like more information – CLICK HERE.

Thank you again for your participation in the Leadership Survey – I trust the insights will serve you well in 2020!

Taking Your Leadership Pulse

Taking Your Leadership Pulse

What is the state of your leadership?

One of the greatest challenges church planters and pastors face is the need for more and better leaders.

Join Micah Dodson and me for a 30-minute webinar to discuss three leadership principles to elevate your leadership development process in your church.  We have a FREE info-graphic entitled, “Leadership Multiplication in your Church” that we will be sharing at the end, based on the survey data we gathered from participants last month.  Please join us on Tuesday morning @ 9am PST/noon EST.

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